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oc1 paddling in fijiOutrigger paddling! What it’s like!

For the experienced, paddling OC1’s and OC2’s is a great way to exercise one’s passion for fitness and competition. Recreational paddling couples these with the adventure of holiday travel and exploring new places.

For the inexperienced, it’s easy to learn, and it is a wonderful eco-friendly way to visit remote ocean wilderness and explore. Our experienced guides will help teach you the easy to learn techniques and will be there to help keep everyone happy and safe throughout.

It’s easy to learn and
 NO prior experience is necessary. As long as you are in good health and have a sense of adventure, you will quickly master the skills needed to paddle and steer your outrigger canoe.  Paddling OC1’s or OC2’s is a great way to stay fit and stimulate both good body and mind fitness.

Tours are designed to let all paddlers paddle at their own speeds.  Our guides are well trained and will ensure you get just the right balance between action and relaxation so you get the most enjoyment from your adventure. A support boat is always available to carry any paddlers who desire a break from paddling and would just like to cruise for a bit.  Support boats also carry all luggage and supplies during our adventure tours, which means you can paddle as much or as little as you choose.

Generally, the distances paddled each day are not huge, (2-4 hours at any one time), suitable for both experienced and new-comers to paddling.  For those ready for a longer strenuous training run, our staff are ready to provide you safe and scenic side trips.

Safety!  It is safe. The Great Astrolabe Reef encircles the lagoon of islands of the Kadavu group.  The reef system protects the land and lagoons within the reef from the open ocean swell creating an ideal environment for many water sports, especially paddling outrigger canoes.

In the unlikely event that you experience any troubles, our escort staff will be nearby to assist. Even snorkeling is possible for non-swimmers!

Our Canoes

Astrolabe Reef Outrigger Adventures uses Scorpius, Scorpius XS/XM’s  OC-1’s and Tempest OC-2’s from Outrigger Zone in Hawaii.

Paddles are designed and made by Pure Paddles in Hawaii.

Our choice of canoes are suitable for our sea conditions and our tours are designed to take advantage of favorable wind sea conditions.

Paddling is alive and well in Fiji


This “canoe” was made in the village from an old sheet of metal roofing and the boys are having a GREAT time paddling in the bay. For Astrolabe Reef Outrigger Adventures paddlers, we have OC1’s and OC2’s for your paddling pleasure. Come on and join the fun!

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