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Be prepared!  Enjoying your trip here is our primary concern.

Upon clearing immigration in Nadi you will proceed down to baggage claim.  At the bottom of the escalator you will see two duty free shops.  You are allowed 2 liters of sprits and one carton of cigarettes duty free. (beware, the local Bounty rum is overproofed)  Credit cards and most foreign currencies are accepted.  A variety of wines and beers are readily available at the various resorts.  After collecting your baggage proceed through customs.  The best currency exchange rate is at Western Union kiosk, out the customs door and straight up the corridor (approximately 30 yards/10 meters).

When visiting a village in Fiji it is customary and polite to dress modestly. A long skirt, sulu, or trousers, with a clean shirt is appropriate. Outside of the village visits, the dress code on Kadavu is casual, to say the least. Formal evening wear simply does not exist.

Please keep your bags confined to two pieces (duffel bags are preferred but not mandatory). On Kadavu your gear will be carried and covered with tarps in the support boats, making duffle type bags preferable.  A small day-pack or dry-bag for trekking is recommended (Dry-bags are specially designed to keep their contents dry, even after submersion in water, and are available at most outdoor equipment stores).  The baggage allowance for Fiji Link flights to and from Kadavu is 15 kgs (33 lbs) and you may be charged excess fees over that amount.  Carry on baggage is limited to 1 small piece.

Internet service is usually available at the resorts, although some resorts may charge extra.  Mobile phone service is also available, but be sure to verify with your carrier regarding your service.  Calls outside of a good plan can cost you.  Local mobile services are available, but can be spotty due to locations of the relay towers.

There are secure storage rooms available for excess baggage at most Fiji hotels, and at Nadi International Airport (left baggage @ the domestic terminal).

Your guides will carry First-aid kits, but it’s always a good idea to travel with your own personal medical supplies, with the products you know and trust. If you require any particular medication or dietary supplements you should bring enough for the entire period.  Bee stings are very rare, but if you’re allergic, bring your epi-pen)

Paths throughout Kadavu’s resorts and villages are not necessarily well-lit at night, and are in places, uneven underfoot. Everyone should have their own strong small flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries. (No batteries are available in Kadavu). Remember: one flashlight per person, not one per group.

The forest trails of Kadavu can be rough. Although the locals go barefoot,  a sturdy footwear is highly recommended (for example: lightweight trekking boots, or strong sandals such as Teva’s or Chaco’s (no flip-flops)).

There are no recycling facilities in Kadavu. We  ask that you take your used batteries home with you.

  Any questions?  Please Email us.

Paddling is alive and well in Fiji


This “canoe” was made in the village from an old sheet of metal roofing and the boys are having a GREAT time paddling in the bay. For Astrolabe Reef Outrigger Adventures paddlers, we have OC1’s and OC2’s for your paddling pleasure. Come on and join the fun!

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fiji-outrigger-4 Building the fire for a Fijian lovo Ryan paddling Paddling 2 man

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