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Fiji beach adventureAstrolabe Reef Outrigger Adventures began over Christmas dinner of mangrove mud crab –  a group of friends discussing beauty and adventure, and the opportunity to expose more people to the Astrolobe Reef’s magical sights.

We truly believe this to be one the world’s magical places.  When friends and family come to visit, they leave completely gushing about its beauty.

The opportunity to create a natural exploration adventure with outrigger paddling in a place we love just couldn’t be missed.

We are committed to seeing that your adventure is a complete and fulfilling experience!

There is no doubt that when you depart Kadavu, you will have everlasting experiences and memories that you will share with your family and friends.  Any stress you may have had will be gone, and you will be wondering how soon until you can return for your next visit.

Paddling is alive and well in Fiji


This “canoe” was made in the village from an old sheet of metal roofing and the boys are having a GREAT time paddling in the bay. For Astrolabe Reef Outrigger Adventures paddlers, we have OC1’s and OC2’s for your paddling pleasure. Come on and join the fun!

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blue seastar a day of fun Tom Padling around Ono, Fiji

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